I am very satisfied with the treatment and especially with the effect: simply phenomenal! I’ll be back in touch in January.

Psychologist (60)

THANK YOU dear Sabine, that was wonderful. For days I have again yawn and relax again.

Woman (60)

I always enjoy your lessons very much.

Group participants, (50)

It does me good, your Feldenkrais and also gives pleasure. Thank you.


I just finished the 2 weeks of Feldenkrais training in Biel. By the way thanks a lot again for “facilitating” the challlenging situation I had with my hip! 😉 It took me a few time to be confident and start listening at you but I learned a lot!! 🙏🏽 and then I could feel really safe while doing hands on exercice!


Feldenkrais Student

The back is recovering. But I really liked Feldenkrais.

IT Spezialist (40)

今日は、今まで経験のない動作でとても色々な感覚が得られました。 赤ちゃんの姿勢や発達による変化など、たいへん興味深いお話でした。 最後には、体が床に溶け込むような感覚を得ました。身体が長〜くなったように感じました。


女性, (50代)

Dear Sabine, I slept wonderfully in the BL yesterday. It just feels so good to join you!

Hanneloni Hegnauer, (Feldenkrais teacher for 25 years)

By the way, towards the end of the lesson I noticed the twins’ movements for the first time! A highlight, the calmness and the conscious self-perception that I experienced in your lessons had a great influence!

Icon, Feldenkrais Studio Zürich, Sabine Stadler Okuno, Fi und ATM
expectant mother, (25)

I appreciate your lessons very much, your high professionalism combined with your friendly and linguistically clear and pleasant manner!

Icon, Feldenkrais Studio Zürich, Sabine Stadler Okuno, Fi und ATM
group participant, (60)